Kim Jong Un With A Mysterious Spot On His Head!

North Korean Leader has health issues that are making headlines on multiple state media broadcasts. They are all showing Kin Jong Un with bandages in the past.

He made a public appearance with a dark spot on the back part of the head last week, which is the health issue linked to Kim during the past few years.

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The cause of the spot in the back head is still unknown, and we cannot diagnose only by pictures.

We could see it even when Kim attended one military event on July 24-27 and in the war veterans’ conference from July 27 to 29.

Previously we cannot see a mark on the politburo meeting on June 29 and images shared from Kim on an event from July 11.

The Kim official footage shows that Kim avoided broadcasting the head spot. However, the media shared pictures for the events that show the bandage on that place.

Rumors circle that it is something related to his rapid weight loss in May. The population was concerned about his emaciated condition.

Also, it is a sign of injury or health issues that intrigued the state media.

In his first appearance after a long break, with a new dark spot on his arm. Some doctors said it was linked with some cardiac problems. You can notice that on some occasions, the spot is still visible but faded.

Furthermore, Kim had a smashed finger in a politburo meeting in June 2021, and finger bandage in June 2019, and a bandage around his left wrist in November 2015.

So, it is known about his health issues since 2014, when he had limping and walked with a stick after 40 years break from public activities. It was his longest absence. According to a documentary, Kim wasn’t feeling well in his absence.

He likely spent time in his Wonsan mansion while on a two-week break from public activities in July.
His upgraded boat appeared on DPRK’s Leader’s Wonsan private beach. And another boat was taken from the Wonsan mansion’s covered marina and was moved to a private beach from July 28-30.


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