Killer Hospitals, Killer Tests, Killer Hoax! The Stew Peters Show

In another episode of Ask Dr Jane, you would be amazed by the detailed information she gives in her answers to the questions, compared to all the lies we’re continuously listening on the media and mainstream radio podcasts.

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Here’s a really short preview:

Shan Fann asked-
We know the hospital COVID protocols are killing people. What medications and equipment should every household have on hand in case of Covid infection or other illness.

Angela asked-
Is it true that the home test kits contain sodium azide? If so, how can these tests be approved for use with a dangerous substance? Thanks for all you do, Dr. Jane.

Kelly asked-
How can we take down all the corruption? Receipts are great but when can we put a stop to all this madness?

Bill C asked-
There are so many conflicting studies about the durability of natural immunity. What is the most accurate consensus at this point in time?

Anonymous praise report-
Thank God, she was doing somewhat better today after many calls came in last night! I also had sent the FLCCC protocols and told her she has the right to have them printed out and followed as her care plan. Also told her about “Hypertonic Saline” – we have heard from a local Dr. friend it was helping people. Thank you!!! Sharing the info may have saved her life. As of now, she is not in the ICE. God is good!

Watch the informative podcast video below:

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