Kayleigh’s Talk About Biden’s Mental State Is One Of The Realest To This Day

Till just about yesterday, Kayleigh has been in the WH.

She doesn’t mean to insult anyone and she stands to be an explicitly well-behaving politician.

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Thus, her talk on Biden’s declining mental health state is one of the most real ones out there, that could almost be taken as a ‘political scientific study’ on the matter.

Joe Biden’s last public shameful experience with the ‘air handshake’ was the most brutal thing so far.

For anyone who’s been denying Biden’s cognitive issues, or ignoring them, that phantom handshake was a very stark awakening.

There was no excuse for Biden’s feeling of being lost, which we all clearly noticed. Nor for his ghosting thin air handshake.

That moment has now sparked some much more serious talks about Joe’s mental health, and it’s got people actually talking about the fears they have with this weak, feeble-minded man in a place of leadership, even if it is “pretend.”

During “Out Numbered” on Fox News, Kayleigh led a very serious discussion about what happened when Joe tried to shake hands with a “ghost” and how that made people feel.

And one of the co-hosts also said she noticed Joe was appearing to talk to the American Flag as if it was his dead father.

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