Kayleigh McEnany: Why Biden’s Admin is Going After The American Parents?

Young political strategist, Kayleigh McEnany figured out the whole thing, and you really need to hear and spread her opinion.

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Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany struck back at President Joe Biden and his orchestrated probe, after the DOJ announced just recently that it would probe threats targeting school board members all over the county.

This action came as a response to the demands made by the National School Boards Association (NSBA), which claimed parent’s protests to be treated as ‘domestic terrorism.

This wasn’t accepted by Kayleigh, who claimed for Fox News that “parents found their voice and that is unacceptable to Biden administration.”

“Here is what is at the root of this,” she said. “Parents have found their voice and that is unacceptable to the Biden administration. Parents are the problem, what they say, what they think. Look, let’s be honest, the vast majority of parents are not committing any sort of violence or threat against school boards. But Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, he said the quiet part out loud.”

“So parents have no role in what schools do, no role in what schools do in teaching children, and that’s what’s at the root of this,” McEnany added. “And the corollary question to this: is the FBI and DOJ going to look into school board members who threaten parents?”

“Remember, we talked about that Loudoun County Facebook group that was doxing parents, threatening them with hacking,” she concluded. “There was that San Marcos school teacher who dared parents to come at her. So are they going to investigate the opposite? If I did take an educated guess, I would say no.”

The left is strongly targeting schools, to switch them as a weapon for mass brainwashing from the earliest age. And parents have every right to be concerned regarding the happenings inside American schools, since they’re affecting their children’s future.


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