Kayleigh McEnany is Astounded by How Top Military Brass Just Slammed Joe Biden

Joe Biden was advised that the generals proposed that the US keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to oversee the departure and subsequent events, according to testimony given to Congress on Tuesday by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Generals Mark Milley and Kenneth McKenzie. Biden has previously stated that this is not the case. The three were aware of Biden’s denial, yet they claimed the exact opposite, thus labelling him a liar. Austin and the generals are making an interesting move here.

Kayleigh is completely taken aback by what transpired at today’s Senate hearing.

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And now, as she states, Joe Biden has respond to some very serious questions.

Milley and Austin have assumed control of Afghanistan, according to the trio. They’re now pointing the finger at Biden. Nobody is claiming that keeping 2,500 troops on the ground for a length of time would have made the pullout faultless. It would, however, have gone a lot better. Biden has been politically isolated by the Secretary of Defense and the generals. Either he’s lying or his recollection has been obscured by his mental illness. Neither alternative is acceptable to the White House. So, what are their reactions?
They have the right to label the generals liars. But they’d have to say the same thing about a black Cabinet officer. Can you imagine the present Democrat Party without the racial hustling?


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