KARMA: Kamala Harris FELL OFF Podium While She Was Giving Her Statement On Floyd Verdict! [WATCH]

Karma will catch you sooner or later.

Can you tell me what is happening with the Biden administration in which Kamala is included too?

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Their feet are probably made of glass, literally and figuratively.

How can someone forget the time when Biden fell like a drunken sailor while climbing the Air Force One boarding scales? Not once, not twice, but three times in a row… He was falling down the stairs like a sack of hammers.

But, today, Biden isn’t our topic. Kamala is. Harris had one ‘’stumble event’’, but that wasn’t as good as Biden’s.
However, the entire situation makes us question what is going on with the Dems leaders, who cannot walk without falling.

This time, Kamala Harris delivered her speech on the George Floyd guilty verdict. While she tried to reach the mic, she tried to climb the podium, where she almost toppled right over.

Karma is doing her job probably!

Moreover, she didn’t entirely fall off the stage, but once she managed to hold herself, she said, ‘’how’s that for an entrance?’’

If you ask me, Kamala, it was terrible! Now we have two bumbling, anxious nellies that are entertaining the world.
Watch the video below.


And now it is comments time.

“That’s your next POTUS there folks.. Stoned on 420..”

“That was done on purpose to cover for Biden. (I’m joking)” 

“Joe’s disease must be contagious”

“Complete klutz.”

“Must have just finished smoking a doobie as she jammed to Tupac”

“Too bad we didn’t see her fall on her ASS!”

“Stairs are the Biden/Harris kryptonite”

“Dumbest VP this country has ever seen.”

Kamala and Joe are the U.S.’s greatest shame!

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