KARMA: Biden Mocks Trump For “Stumbling On Stairs”

Joe Biden is having a rough week.

China made a complete fool of him and his administration on the international stage yesterday. Putin mocked and dismissed him, while Russian authorities referred to him as having “dementia.”

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Biden also referred to Kamala as “President Harris.”

However, things worsened for old Sleepy Joe…

He fell three times today while desperately attempting to climb the stairwell and onto Air Force One.

It was a shambles.

This wasn’t just a “mistake.”

This was a full-fledged face-plant.

Joe was lying on the stairwell at one point, clutching on to the handrail for dear life.

And, as if that wasn’t bad enough (it was), there’s more…

A video of Biden mocking Trump’s “stumbling down ramps” has come back to bite him hard.

“Look at how [Trump] steps and look at how I step,” Joe said during the campaign. Observe how I sprint up ramps and how he staggers down them.”

The following is a link to a video:

Joe was, arguably, in much better mental/physical shape back then – during the campaign – than he is now.

That doesn’t mean much, though, because he was a shambles back then as well. However, since being installed in the White House, he has quickly deteriorated.

And what we’re seeing right now is a result of that decline.

But let us recall happier times — Dan Scavino recently shared a video of President Trump taking a long walk up the stairs to Air Force One.

Watch the following video:



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