Kamioner Says Biden Iran Strike Was The Right Thing To Do

It’s a matter of Iran’s open declaration of intent to hurt American interests around the world.

While the Biden administration’s decision to return to the table on the Iranian nuclear deal is nuts, the administration was perfectly justified in striking the Iranians in Syria, just as they had struck our troops in Iraq.

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However, the question arises: how can we trust them to hold a nuclear deal with us if they are threatening our forces in Iraq?

Some claim that the strike is simply a bargaining ploy. We want to make a good first impression before we sit down at the table. But it won’t make a difference. This administration is hated by the Iranians, and one strike will not change their minds.

This does not erase the strike’s wisdom, but it does put the cowardly Left’s reflexive appeasement policies to the fore. Though senior House Republicans applauded the decision, Democrats ranging from Bernie Sanders to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenged it. And, of course, geopolitical knuckleheads all over the planet have been moaning about “American bombs” dropping on helpless people. Wrong.

The reaction against the strike is symptomatic of a larger problem with American power. Some equate Iran’s thug theocracy to the United States in terms of morality. A bombing is a bombing to them, and it is always wrong. In Winston Churchill’s words, these people can’t tell the difference between a fire and a fire department.

But, if you know you have to do it, doesn’t that say anything about the Iranians’ overall intentions? Is this going to be another Yalta deal, where we sit down with aggressors and give them everything they want for nothing? Biden seems to be on his way there. Although Republicans and conservatives should not be hypocritical in criticizing the correct thing to do merely because it was done by the Biden administration, we should be mindful that Biden’s Iran policy has the potential to be catastrophic. We must behave and communicate in this manner.



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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