Kamala’s Staffers Enforced To Praise Their “Leader” on Twitter

Praising tweets about Kamla Harris are the next must-do for all staffers in her cabinet.

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Howe have we come to that conclusion?

Well, Kamala’s director of operations put out a bizarre and uncomfortable tweet on Sunday, where he introduced himself, and then said he loved his job and that he just thought some of us should know.

Other than this, there are several other close sources telling there’s an inside order for staffers to boost her confidence and reputation among Americans.

Like, that’s ever going to happen!

Mediaite reporter Jon Nicosia says that his White House sources are saying staffers are now being “encouraged” to post flattering tweets about working for Kamala.

This woman is such a fraud. She never once justified herself for being the Vice President of America!!!

Here’s what people online are saying.

“So this was consistent with Harris’ political instincts: terrible”

“Lousy way to show fake support. No one can deal with her.”

“She is truly a disaster.”

“We’re hiring sycophantic soy pajama boys to work there now? God help us.”

“How embarrassing these idiots are. They can’t do anything right”

“HA! He looks like he’s being held hostage making a propaganda video for his captors… Kamala is the Big Cringe and so are her staff…”

She’s one of the most hated personalities on the American political scene in the history of the country!

She must be taken down!


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