Kamala’s Husband Excuse For All the Criticism His Wife Is Getting

Kamala’s approval rating is 28% at the moment – even lower than it was before she hired a PR crisis team to help her with her unpopular personality.

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And her husband tried to give her a hand with the whole embarrassing trip “down under”.

Second Kamala’s husband Doug was giving a speech at a gender’s conference in Paris, and he suddenly came up (at least it seemed like a sudden rush movement) with the most bizarre excuse for his wife’s failures.

“During a speech at a gender equality forum in Paris, the second gentleman reportedly said, “One of the things I’ve learned from being married to Kamala Harris is that to be first in so many things is hard.

“She said once that breaking barriers involves breaking, and when you break something sometimes you get cut, and when you get cut, sometimes you bleed. … But it’s worth it,” he added.

Oh…do I feel from afar who’s the boss in the house?

By being first in everything, Kamala is now living in her own shadow?

Yes, that’s why no living American loves and appreciates her…


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