Kamala Reminds Confused Biden to Put On His Mask

It really looks like they’re treating Joe Biden like a dumb kid.

Kamala Harris was seen reminding a very confused-looking Joe Biden to put his mask on during a recent presser.

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Joe then shuffles to his podium and, like a good boy, eventually straps on his mask.

See the video:

It’s pretty ironic that only Biden had to be reminded to put his mask on, but he only puts one on, too.

Dr. Fauci, after all, is a major supporter of the doubling of masks.

Will more protection than just wearing one be given by wearing two face masks at once during the pandemic? It probably does,” he told NBC News ‘TODAY on Monday, according to White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci. “It probably does.

Masks are physical covers, as Fauci explained, that prevent respiratory droplets from spreading to other people and provide the wearer with a degree of protection.

“And you put another layer on if you have a physical covering with one layer, it just makes common sense that it’s likely to be more effective,” Fauci told TODAY. “That’s why you see individuals either double masking or doing a N95 version.”

Although double masking has not yet been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, the practice created a buzz when people were seen wearing two masks at the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday. Viewers noticed that under cloth masks, poet Amanda Gorman and Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s candidate to manage the Transportation Department, wear surgical masks.



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