Kamala On a “Secret Mission” in Guatemala That Is Not Connected With “The Border”…

We missed the real reason Kamala was in Guatemala because everyone was focused on the border and telling her to get there… She was on a top-secret political mission that had nothing to do with the “border.”

It’s all about deposing the current ruling conservative party…

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Guatemalans are aware of this…

That’s why, when she arrived, people were standing there telling her to go home and that “Trump won.”

President Giammattei is a fervent law and order conservative, according to Frontpage Mag, and if he seemed to be undercutting Kamala, it was because she had spent months undermining him.

In May, Kamala met with a number of Giammattei’s left-wing opponents, including former Attorney General Thelma Aldana, who had targeted conservative lawmakers with corruption allegations before being charged herself. Instead of facing the allegations in her own country, she sought political asylum in the United States. Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala and her promises to eradicate “corruption” in Guatemala have received a lot of applause on social media.

Behind the mutual accusations of corruption, there is a battle between the Left and the Right, with socialists and narco-terrorists on one side and military officers and free marketeers on the other.

Kamala Harris and the Biden administration have decided to support the left.

That isn’t all that shocking. Neither were the enraged protestors who met Kamala at the airport, carrying banners and signs that read “Kamala, Mind Your Own Business,” “Kamala, Go Home,” “Kamala Trump Won,” and “Kamala Stop Funding Criminals.”

Those indicators could have been perplexing to Americans who acquire their news from the media bubble, leaving them entirely unable to comprehend what was really happening.

By supporting communist organizations and activists, Guatemalans perceived her as preparing a Marxist coup.

They were also fighting back.

The migrant issue, according to Kamala Harris, is caused by “corruption, violence, and poverty, a lack of economic opportunity, a lack of climate adaption and resilience, and a lack of effective governance.” Two of these are clear code terms for regime change.

Kamala’s trip was announced a few days ago as being focused on “anti-corruption” operations.

Guatemalans, with the exception of a few leftist prosecutors, are not flocking to the United States to expose government wrongdoing. But did anyone really believe Biden was interested in reducing illegal immigration?

Leftists have a knack for slaying two birds with one stone.

It is leveraging a border issue in this case to install socialist regimes on Latin America.

Kamala Harris was quick to announce that Biden’s Justice Department would establish an anti-corruption task force that would provide “case-based mentoring to the Guatemalan Public Ministry, including the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI),” as well as “a rapid response capability to deploy US prosecutors and law enforcement experts to provide mentorship to develop corruption cases.”

This is Kamala employing DOJ assets to aid local left-wingers in their efforts to assassinate conservative leaders.

The true reason Biden thought Kamala was “the most competent person to do it” was because of this.

Remember, Kamala has the “prosecutor” credentials required for her mission, and her “real job” in Guatemala is to destabilize the conservatives.




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