Kamala Harris Thinking a ‘Stockpile’ of Vaccines Should Be Awaiting For Her and Biden

One of the beauties of being a Democrat is that you can say things that fly in the face of reason, while virtually no one in the national media casts an eye.

Vice President Kamala Harris took full advantage of the reality during an interview on Sunday on HBO.

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A longtime Washington journalist, Mike Allen, hurled a fast one at Harris when he asked her what she had found “harder” than expected in dealing with the pandemic.

Here is what was said by Harris:

‘There have been no stockpiles of… Vaccines, right? So, we’re looking at this here. There was no national strategy or timetable for vaccinations. To try to figure it out, we left it to states and local authorities, and now we’re starting from scratch in some ways on something that has been raging for almost a whole year.’

Why, specifically, was Harris under the impression that she and President Biden will have a vaccine ‘stockpile’ to start passing out once sworn into office? The purpose of rushing production and government approval of any vaccine after entering the White House was to drive it out quickly for sale, not to store it for Harris and Biden to find.

Imagine what the media would have said if former President Donald Trump had stockpiled vaccines while thousands of people continued to die each day.

Harris isn’t dumb. She acknowledges that there is simply no reason for why vaccines that have only been stored on the U.S. market for two months have been stored and that every nation in the world is seeking to provide them to its people as quickly as possible.

To Harris’ second point that, when we leave it to states and local governments to try and sort it out, there is no national vaccination strategy or program, it is as if Democrats are utterly ignorant of the intentions of the mayors and governors. They live for precisely those moments, and their job is not to behave like a dead weight.

This is actually a fairly large country, and people were huddling in Washington, D.C. To solve all of their problems, they are not prepared to parachute into every town and county. The aim of mayors and governors, again, is that.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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