“Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied, and In This Case It’s a Probable Death Sentence!”

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin denied the appeal of a mourning family to provide Ivermectin to their dying relative in a hospital with COVID pneumonia.

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During the “election 2020 saga”, they also refused to address concerns that the state allowed ballot drop boxes which were unconstitutional according to the state’s laws and regulations.

Pretty obvious things, yet their verdict is totally contrary. I guess, that makes another thing obvious – they’re choosing a side, when they’re supposed to be 100% neutral, as judges.

And there are many people pulling the string behind the stage, but one of the main financial investors is definitely George Soros.

The three very obvious liberal judges are the ones making the entire mess!

“The Amos Center for Justice & Liberty announces the decisions of the Wisconsin Supreme Court from October 21, 2021, and then again on October 25, 2021, which together denied John Zingsheim, the father of two young adults who lost their mother a year ago, the chance to try to recover from the ravages of lung inflammation caused by Covid-19 pneumonia. The opinions of the Wisconsin Supreme Court were 4 to 3 decisions and in both cases with scathing dissents towards the actions of not only the Court of Appeals members but also towards fellow Supreme Court Justices by Justice Rebecca Bradley when she wrote the following, with Chief Justice Annette Ziegler and Justice Patience Roggensack joining:

“Wisconsin judges are rarely asked to make life-or-death decisions. This case presents one of those rare circumstances. The circuit court made a decision on the side of life. The appellate courts chose the irrevocable and irreversible alternative. But nothing in the law compelled it.”

Judge Bradley was joined with Judges Ziegler and Roggensack in the following statement:


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