JUST-IN: With A Deliberate Strategy, EX-FBI Assistant Dir. Figliuzzi On MSNBC Warns: TRUMP REMAINS A THREAT!

Liberal media can’t terminate their TRUMP obsession!

On Monday, one NBC News national security contributor and ex-FBO Assistant Dir. Frank Figlizuzzi shared that Trump imposed a threat to national security due to his usage of conspiracy as a deliberate strategy!
Everything resulted from the question of the host Nicolle Wallace. The host asked if the former President Trump is a clear and present danger?

“You’re absolutely right. Let’s be clear here,” Figliuzzi said. “We’re not talking about conspiracies that just spontaneously sprung up from the population as they do urban legends that need to get swatted down or that take on a life of their own. We’re looking at conspiracy as a deliberate strategy, deception as a strategy. You could argue that the former President now out of office has absolutely no guardrails and zero accountability and can engage in this even more often.”

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“We are now living in an era where it is true if you say it enough, it becomes a reality. Repeated rhetoric becomes someone’s reality,” Figliuzzi added. “It can be used as a strategy against us and the American people. So we’ve got to get far more educated on this in terms of savviness, digital literacy. We see that language in the new strategy to combat domestic terrorism. But this can’t happen fast enough. Until we fill that out, yes, the former President remains a threat because the conspiracy theories will still be used to move forward his agenda, and people will believe it.”

“We’re dealing with one right now, which is the FBI did it,” Figliuzzi continued. “The FBI orchestrated the entire insurrection on January 6, right? And it has taken on a life of its own in multiple facets from the Revolver online magazine to Tucker Carlson to members of the GOP in Congress.”

We have to highlight that Wallace’s ratings had plummeted when Trump was leaving office. Regardless of how much she hated Trump, Wallace had to speak about him as much as possible because her fans won’t watch her otherwise.

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