JUST-IN: The Great Shot Mandate SCAM! Wayne Allyn Root!

Wayne Allyn Root!

What we live in is the Great Vaccine Mandate Scam. Biden takes advantage of the shots as the Trojan Horse.

Shortly said, it seems that they attempt to protect America with the vaccine, and that’s only the cover. The Biden regime wants to destroy America’s economy, capitalism, and the middle class.

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What we testify is a communist takeover of the US by the people at the top who have rigged elections!

Everyone hates Biden and Harris, and they don’t have support.

The latest polls claim that Biden has 36% approval in the Quinnipiac poll. It can’t get much lower than that. All below this number is friends, relatives, and paid campaign staff. So, here we have Harris’s numbers; she is at 28%.

When the Dems wake up, they have 45% of the vote locked up. That represents the Americans who live on government handouts- welfare checks, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.

So, 36% means that America has turned against Biden. The middle class is against Biden! That’s why people chant “F—CK Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” at sporting events.

Biden and his communist cabal don’t care. They have a secret weapon to wipe out the vaccine mandates’ middle-class opposition. They are pointed only towards the working class in the USA. Biden threatens to destroy their life and will make them homeless.

However, if you are a lazy person, watching Dr. Phil and waiting for your EBT card to arrive in the mail, then you are safe. He doesn’t bother with these kinds of persons. Americans with a job are the target.

Why only the middle-class who work for a living, are the targets of the vaccine mandate?

Because the American middle class supports the republicans, so, when they destroy the economy, the working class, and make tens of millions of middle-class people jobless, kill off capitalism, and make the USA a socialist nation.

The Trojan horse will kill the economy in a second way.

Many people say that at the beginning of 2022, Biden will ban airplanes for the unvaccinated. Without the vaccines, you cannot fly!

As a bonus, Biden’s vaccine mandate destroys First Responders!

If you think that we are exaggerating, you can take a look at Boston! The hospitals are overwhelmed; there are no ER/ICU beds available for sick people. Boston lost many nurses because of the vaccine mandate.
America is a mess, chaos! The economy will be a disaster! The middle class is being destroyed!

This is the end of America’s Empire!


Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s new book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” is a #1 bestseller. . Wayne is host of the nationally- syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST and the “WAR RAW” podcast. Visit, or listen live at allyn-root/ or “on demand” 24/7 at

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