JUST-IN: Satellite Images Showing Trump’s Destruction Of Sensitive Sand Dunes Despite His Promises To Preserve Them!

"We will stabilize the dunes. They will be there forever," Trump had stated.

“We will stabilize the dunes. They will be there forever,” Trump had stated.

Trump’s golf course in northeast Scotland has ruined ecologically sensitive sand dunes. Business Insider shared images from before and after!

In 2006, Trump bought Aberdeenshire to create the world’s best golf course. Aided by Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond, the former president brushed off conservationists and local opposition, who explained how Trump International Golf Links affect the dunes.

In 2008, Trump knew that the 18-hole course would completely ruin the sand dunes around it. But, he was determined to build it and said, ”We will stabilize the dunes. They will be there forever. This will be environmentally better after it [the course] is built than it is before.”

With satellite images from before and after taken from a firm called Maxar, we can see the Foveran Links sand dunes from March 2010 to April 2021.

March 2010: 

August 2021: 

A side-by-side comparison shows that one-third of the Foveran Links is partially destroyed, especially on the south side.

The satellite technology shows us that Trump International Golf Course on Meine Estate is likely to lose its status as a nationally important protected wildlife site.

“The denotification of SSSIs [Site of Special Scientific Interest] is unusual, however in this case, we have found there is no longer a reason to protect the dunes at Menie as they do not include enough of the special, natural features for which they were designated,” stated Sally Thomas, NatureScot’s director of People & Nature.

Avaaz has filed legal action against the Scottish government for its denial to examine Trump’s wealth and how he was managing to lose $315 million from his gold businesses.

Insider reported that the money for the construction was from loans that weren’t hedged.


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