JUST-IN: MI Rep Daire Rendon ANNOUNCED: “I Am In Receipt Of Evidence Reflecting Systemic Election Fraud In MI That Occurred In The November 2020 Election”

100% Fed Up reported that not similar to her fellow Republicans and Dems lawmakers in the Michigan legislature, Daire Rendon decided not to cherry-pick the proof of Michigan’s voter fraud. She decided to review the evidence showed to the lawmakers objectively.

Furthermore, Rendon won’t ignore the will of Michigan citizens, calling for a conclusive investigation into the 2020 election.

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Via phone conversation, Rendon spoke to 100% Fed Up, announcing her disappointment in the MI Senate Oversight Committee’s report about the 2020 presidential election in Michigan.

MI Senate Oversight Committee Chair Ed McBroom, together with MI Senate majority Leader Mike Shirkey, admitted they would ask for an audit if AZ discoveries have evidence that the fraud occurred. They won’t find evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan from the 2020 election.

If they don’t think they would find significant evidence, why would they consider a forensic audit? Why would Mike Shirkey talk to AZ officials and announced that he would consider a forensic audit one he shared, “I believe what we’ve done in our oversight process is equal to, or more robust than what they’ve been doing.”?

On December 16. House and Senate Oversight Committees sent subpoenas to Detroit and Livonia clerks, asking them to provide the surveillance video from the TCF Center, hard driver, emails, etc.

Why the committee chairs denied for the public to see what is inside the subpoenaed evidence?

MI Senate report doesn’t regard the threats and behavior of numerous GOP and Independent poll challengers endured at the paid election worker’s hands.

In the report, Jessy Jacob wasn’t mentioned. Jacob was a worker who testified about the fraud she saw during her working hours.

In the report, MI Senators wanted to discredit Mellissa Carone, a Dominion worker who signed an affidavit regarding the multiple votes she saw being re-run through the machines by the paid workers. But, no one could prove these statements. They claim that the employees can’t restart the stack because they first must clear the partial count, and Carone shared that she witnessed the act of re-submitting the same votes a couple of times after the error code emerged.

According to the Senate report, there was a chain of custody problems.

The MI Senators shared that Jocelyn Benson’s ruling broke the law when she directed city clerks to ignore the signature matching law on the ballots from the 2020 election, but she didn’t confess that it influenced the election outcome.

Republican Senators’ report attacked the report on the evidence that got Matt DePerno, who could obtain a ruling from Judge Elsenheimer in Antrim County, to give IT experts to do an audit in Antrim, where 5,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden.

On June 24, Matthew DePerno represented Antrim County Plaintiff William Bailey in the fraud case and answered the MI Senate Oversight Committee’s report, and below, you can read part of his extraordinary response.

“The Michigan Senate has refused to meet with our attorneys and team of forensic experts to review actual evidence of election fraud. Reportedly, Senator McBroom (who has been accused in the past of violating people’s constitutional rights) has gone so far as to instruct the Republican caucus not to review evidence for themselves. If they don’t review the evidence, they can continue to say they have seen no evidence. Nevertheless, we have so far released 19 reports on election fraud through multiple legal briefs filed with the 13th Circuit Court in Antrim County. We are not done. Additional reports will be released soon. The Michigan Senate failed to properly address any of the evidence submitted in the 19 reports available for everyone to review at www.depernolaw.com. You can also see a great deal of the evidence at LetsFixStuff.org. These reports expose the inherent vulnerabilities and weak or nonexistent security protocols of voting machines. But more importantly, these reports also expose how the voting system and election in Antrim County were actually and definitively subverted through fraud and intentional manipulation of the voting machines; and by extrapolation, the State of Michigan.”

However, DePerno is not the only one questioning the validity of the MI Senate Oversight Committee’s report.
On Friday, Republican State Rep. Steve Carra asked for a forensic audit in Michigan. She’s standing bravely and said: she “has evidence reflecting systemic election fraud in Michigan that occurred in the November 2020 election,”

Below you can read Rep. Daire Rendon’s letter to the Americans:

“I have read and considered the June 23, 2021 report titled “Report on the November 2020 Election in Michigan” from the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee.

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee concluded their investigation without examining appropriate evidence, expert reports, and requesting testimony from qualified experts. The report concludes that there was “no widespread or systemic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election”. And yet, the Oversight Committee Chair stated in his Executive Summary that “this investigation should not be considered exhaustive’ and that “every possible investigative avenue was not undertaken.”

I am in receipt of evidence reflecting systemic election fraud in Michigan that occurred in the November 2020 election.

Many Michigan voters believe that the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee conclusion was formed without a proper investigation, and so I encourage attorneys in Michigan and beyond to pursue legal avenues that will reveal truth and transparency to the citizens of the United States.”

In the conversation between 100% Fed Up and Rendon, she declared she’s disappointed by her fellow lawmakers and their refusal to have credible elections.

Furthermore, she added that she’s worried about the election integrity once she saw the “Assessment of Halderman Expert Report dating on March 26, 2021, by James Thomas Penrose, IV and Jeffrey Lenberg.”


It is good to see that someone is taking care of the election integrity and directing the truth to the surface.

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