Jussie Smollett Practiced Everything Before His ATTACK!

We have reported that the Jussie Smollett case must be observed because it is something crucial. The prosecution came with evidence against the actor who performed the entire attack and supposed lynching against himself by two white supremacists.

Yes, two white supremacists who were, in fact, black! It is crucial to remember these things. The prosecution said that Smollett practiced or dry run of the attack after he paid the two brothers $3.500 to attack him.

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The last tweet shares everything. The VP should make a public statement condemning Smollett!

Of course, the case is still active, linked to the matter, but that didn’t stop Biden from calling Rittenhouse a racist and white supremacist.

This is how Kamala Harris reacted a couple of hours after the fake crime was reported:

Every sane person would like to see Smollett in prison. But, it is very unlikely to happen because he is a liberal and loved by the Dems. However, this new evidence is a win for the public.

Smollett and the brothers-attackers met one day before the attack to practice it. The actor gave the instructions for the attack.

Fox News reported:

Jussie Smollett was allegedly seen on video conducting a dry run of his attack the day before it took place, further lending credence to the prosecution’s claims that he orchestrated the whole thing.

During opening arguments on Monday, special prosecutor Dan Webb told the jury that Smollett was upset that a threatening hate letter that was sent to the studio behind “Empire” wasn’t taken seriously enough. As a result, Webb is hoping to convince a jury that the actor hired brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo to attack him.

One potentially damning piece of evidence teased during Webb’s opening arguments was that there is surveillance video showing Smollett and the two siblings, who he worked with on “Empire,” doing a kind of “dry run” of the attack in the area the day before it allegedly took place.

The prosecution will allege what the Osundairo brothers have already told investigators, that they were cut a check for $3,500 after the dry run and given $100 in cash to get supplies to stage the attack at Smollett’s behest.

After opening arguments, the prosecution got right into showing the jury surveillance video painstakingly gathered by the Chicago Police Department that showed the Osundairo brothers walking around near Smollett on the night of the attack. Chicago police detective Michael Theis reviewed how a series of surveillance, security and doorbell camera footage was used to track the brothers’ movements on the night of the attack and ultimately identify them as the culprits.

Currently, it is Smollett’s word against the Osundairo siblings. However, prosecutors seem to think that the video evidence collected by the police, including the alleged dry run of the attack, will prove their case to a jury.

One thing is for sure, Smollett is a worse director than he is an actor. It seems that the evidence will put him in prison for at least three years.

But, the experts say that he would only face a fine and some community service, but not jail.

That’s the real problem!

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