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(NaturalNews) As we have frequently warned, the corrupt, criminally-run federal government has just launched a war on the American people.

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The federal government announced in a widely circulated Homeland Security warning that anyone who opposes vaccines, masks, social separation, or lockdowns constitutes a “possible terror threat” to society at large.

The warning, dubbed a “National Terrorism Alert” by CIA-run NBC News, also claims that anyone who believes the 2020 election was rigged is a terrorist.

Never mind that Democrats and the left-wing media have spent the last four years screaming blatant election fraud, saying “Russians” stole the election.

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It is not “radical” to demand mass injections with experimental, fatal spike protein bioweapons shots, according to the criminally-run government that has used biological weapons against its own people, but it is “absolutely extreme” to refuse to be suicided by the vaccine. The memo even warns that additional restrictions and lockdowns are on the way and that anyone who opposes them is automatically a terrorist:

These radicals may try to take advantage of the development of COVID-19 variations by using the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a justification for carrying out attacks. Pandemic-related stressors have exacerbated societal strains and tensions, resulting in severe consequences.

The DHS warning is actually a plan for the deep state’s upcoming false flag violent attack, blaming the unvaccinated.
The Department of Homeland Security’s “national terrorist alert” is essentially just an admission that the deep state intends to stage a false flag attack in America and blame it on the unvaccinated. Without a doubt, the FBI is quickly enlisting crisis actors to firebomb a hospital (or something similar), while CNN cameras catch the staged incident and spread their propaganda around the world. Of course, the actors tossing Molotov cocktails will all be on the FBI payroll and dressed in MAGA clothing to condemn Trump fans all at once.

While the American people are being maligned and targeted, the southern border of the United States remains open (on design) to allow millions of illegal aliens to flood the country, displacing the soon-to-be-dead Democrat voters who have queued up to commit vaccine suicide. As submissive, brain-dead Democrats die as a result of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, they will be replaced by a surge of illegal immigrants who will be given voting rights to keep Democrats in power.

The deep state intends to use its next false flag incident to criminalize any anti-vaccine comments and impose a medical/military dictatorship in the United States, with troops stationed at highway checkpoints demanding to see proof of vaccination.

During any public protest, we advise all Americans to adopt the following precautions:

Maintain a calm demeanor during your objections. Allowing yourself to be emotionally influenced into performing crazy things is not a good idea. Recognize that the deep state is attempting to elicit a military response. Don’t fall for the ruse.

Please leave your firearms at home. Any weapons you bring to a protest will be used to imprison you as a “terrorist” if the attack is staged and you are blamed for it.

Do not trespass on private property, and be on the lookout for provocateurs attempting to rally a mob to assault a hospital, clinic, or other comparable facility. Likely, the FBI has already staged dead bodies inside.

Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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