Joy Behar is Perplexed as to Why Eric Trump Lacks a Conservator While Britney Spears Does

Cohost Joy Behar took a swipe at Eric Trump on Thursday’s edition of “The View,” claiming she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have a conservator while singer Britney Spears does.

Behar said she’s delighted to see Spears getting some control over her life after it was reported that she’ll be able to choose her own attorney as she battles her father’s conservatorship over her. Meghan McCain, her conservative cohost, began by implying that Spears’ family members were partly to blame for her predicament.

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“If this had happened to a member of my family, I would have smashed a door down and done whatever I could to get them out of that circumstance. None of them succeeded.

That’s when Behar joined in, implying that the Trump family was somehow involved.

“I’m relieved that this is finished for this girl because there’s something odd about a 39-year-old lady being in this situation,” Behar said. “Eric Trump is behaving erratically, and no one has placed him under conservatorship. To be honest, I’m not sure what’s going on.”

“It’s fantastic that Matt Gaetz is participating in this. “Right now, that is my favorite thing about the Britney Spears story,” she concluded. “He surely knows what a thief looks like out there, dear. He’s being investigated for sex trafficking, and he’s putting in his two cents on Britney Spears’ scumbag father.”

“After a while, you can’t make this stuff up. Behar concluded, “It sounds so absurd.” “However, I wish her luck. She’s a lovely young lady. I suppose. I’m not familiar with her.”

Despite the fact that former President Donald Trump is no longer in office, Behar has spent four years constantly and obsessively assaulting him and his family. Many would argue that she suffers from one of the most severe instances of Trump derangement syndrome of anyone on television, which is saying a lot considering how many TV personalities are terminally infected.

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