Jovan Pulitzer Will Conduct The Analysis Of The GA Audit On April 18!

The actual plaintiffs for the Fulton County, GA ballot audit lawsuit have rejoined. They are continuing with the plan to scan and analyze ballots from the core of election fraud in GA from the previous elections.

Jovan Pullitzer will be responsible for conducting the audit with his proprietary technology in conjunction with the plaintiffs. 

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You can read the report from VoterGa.org. 
Press Release

March 31, 2020, www.VoterGA.org

Contact: Garland Favorito [email protected] (404) 664-4044

VoterGA Reunites Fulton Ballot Inspection Case Founders

ATLANTA, GA – VoterGA announced today it has reunited the original founders of the Fulton County Ballot Inspection lawsuit. The original co-plaintiffs Garland Favorito and Sean Draime told the ballot inspection team they would rejoin efforts with their original attorney Todd Harding who will also represent petitioners Stacey Doran, Chris Peck, Mike Scupin, Brandi Taylor, and Trevor Terris.

The move ensures that citizen petitioners for the case will continue to drive the inspection effort and legal arguments in regards to what is best for Georgians. It helps keep the petitioners independent of attorneys and organizations that may have hidden agendas. The founders further decided they will continue to avoid any funding sources that may have political motives. Sean Draime summarized the funding concept: “We don’t want businesses, we just want patriots.

Draime and Favorito believe the most precise forensic results can be produced from a team led by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Favorito explained their rationale:

“Jovan is the only expert we have found who clearly understands all details of what is needed in a forensic ballot inspection. His unique, patented technology appears to be unmatched in the country. He has assembled a remarkable team of forensic experts who can be on-site to guide VoterGA visual inspection team members. His forensic team and our in-depth Georgia election expertise represent the perfect combination of teammates who can find the truth about the November 3rd 2020 election no matter what that truth may be.


At the beginning of March, VoterGA received the approval to examine Fulton County mail-in ballots. It was based on four sworn affidavits from seasoned Fulton poll leaders who stated that they handled forged ballots in the hand count audit that occurred on November 14-15, 2020. 

The declaration signifies that the American patriots via the VoterGA Donate tab will continue to fund the inspection lawsuit. The counting will be repeated on April 18. The live-streamed national fund-raising event is expected to be broadcast from Smyrna, Georgia, and it would be the final inspection. 

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