Jovan Pulitzer BOOM: “On A Scale of 1 to 10… I Would Say It’s a 12!”

In his latest audio release, Jovan Pulitzer explains the audit process from this past week forward in Arizona. Thus, he recommends that the entire election system should be redone.

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According to his previous experience, the audit results from Arizona are going to be devastating and shocking!

Here’s the audio:

“We’re in this crisis today because our paper, our ballets, got mucked up. So the two things that built our country are back in play today – the paper – that Declaration of Independence built our country – in combination with two, passionate patriots. And there are only two things that will save our country, that is auditing the paper or ballots and passionate patriots…

… Arizona audit was the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective, for the number of ballots it audited ever, in the history of the world much less the United States…

…The Democrats forbid [Democrat] participation and then started releasing propaganda that it was only a conservative effort…

…What’s going on here is all these people participated. There is a tremendous amount of people that had to be hired, there was a tremendous amount of volunteers. So now you have all these experts from all around the country and everybody is putting together their reports. Right, so that’s at the top of the pyramid. I’m putting together my report. Other people are putting together their reports. Paper examiners are putting together their reports. Cyber guys are putting together their reports. Everybody is putting together their reports.

Now these reports go into one central person location and they are put into one all inclusive initial report…”

If you’re waiting for America’s saviour, just look in the mirror. Face that there’s nobody coming for help – you are the one, that will help raise the army!


Ava Garcia

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