John Solomon Announced: Durham Is Going After FBI!

The corruption brings us back to Hilary Clinton and Obama.

Durham is the only honest investigator in the DOJ these days.

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Solomon from Just the News thinks that the next Durham target is the FBI.

Take a look at this video below:


This is the transcription of the video:

Maria Bartiromo: He is the editor in chief of Just The News. He joins me right now. John, it’s good to see you this morning. Thanks so much for being here. Give us your reaction to this latest indictment. We are going to show it on the screen. This is the indictment of Danchenko, who we know made up many parts of that dossier.

Joh Soloman: He did. In fact, the single most important line in the dossier that the FBI uses to get the original FISA warrant that there was a well-developed conspiracy to work with Russia to hijack the election, actually is a contrived statement. The FBI indictment says it, Danchenko made that up. He claimed it came from the American Russian Chamber of Commerce official. He never met that guy. Never talked to that guy. Made up the entire line that becomes probably the single most important line in convincing a FISA court to give spy authority on the Trump campaign. This was a case built upon lie upon lie upon lie and every time we get a new indictment, we learn of new lies. It’s remarkable.

Maria Bartiromo: Yeah, and every day, every week along the way, Sunday Morning Futures was documenting those lies as well by 2018 and 19. Now we’ve got three indictments here, John, what do you think this tells us about where John Durham is going next? You’ve got a great piece this morning in just the news zeroing in on the FBI.

John Solomon: Yeah, so there are two sort of buckets that John Durham has been focused on. One of those buckets were the last two indictments. Did people around Hillary Clinton knowingly and willfully give false information to the FBI to cause them to proceed with the investigation? That’s where you get the Sussman indictment that the lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s law firm. That’s where you get the Danchenko indictment this past week. The separate bucket is focused on the FBI and did the FBI knowingly and willfully mislead the court in Congress about the weaknesses in their evidence or the lack of evidence or the serious problems that they were alerted to in this investigation? And that part of the investigation is very active. Thus far we’ve had a single indictment there. A lawyer who doctored a piece of evidence, but many other people are being examined at this moment.

Time will tell us what is going to happen next.

People are fed up with all the corruption in government organizations.

Read the online comments below:

“Are there any good and moral people still left in the FBI’s rank and file or are they all RANK? If there are good people left, please speak up now!”


“Hope James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page are in the FBI bucket.”

“Of course they mislead the court, when FISA was reviewed, did they not find that like 90% of them had lies in them? So they did it all the time, it was routine for them to lie to the court. They have no standing.”

“So, the top tier of the Democratic Party and the media lied and push the Trump Russia hoax, but they would never think of rigging an election.”

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