John McAfee Repeatedly Warned That He Would Be “Suicided” in Jail “a La Epstein,” And That He Would Be Called Out By The “Deep State” Days Before His Arrest

John McaFee, the antivirus pioneer, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and former libertarian presidential candidate who was found dead in a Spanish jail cell on Wednesday, had frequently told followers that he felt he would be assassinated by the US government while in custody in a staged suicide. The 75-year-death old’s “seems like a suicide,” according to local investigators.

“Getting subtle warnings from US officials saying, in effect: “We’re coming for you McAfee!” Mcafee tweeted on November 30, 2019. We’re going to murder you.” Just in case, I got a tattoo today. If I didn’t commit suicide, I didn’t. I was messed up. “Look at my right arm.”

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“I’m at ease in this place. I have acquaintances. The meal is delicious. Everything is fine. Know that it will be no fault of mine if I kill myself, like Epstein did,” McAfee wrote from jail in October 2020, following his detention in a Spanish airport.

McAfee’s tweets from jail reaffirmed his claim that he would not commit himself in prison, and even expressed optimism about his future if he could avoid extradition to the United States.

In a democracy, power is given, not taken,” McAfee stated in his penultimate tweet before his death on June 18, 2021. “However, power is still power. It has no place in love, compassion, or care. But it feeds greed, anger, and jealousy… Power corrupts everything. Take care in allowing a democracy to wield power.”

In 2019, McAfee claimed to have “31+” gigabytes of “incriminating” material on “elite” world officials, which he swore would be disclosed if he died or went missing. McAfee detailed his knowledge of the US “Deep State” in a video published shortly before his arrest.

20th of July, 2020 This video by John McAfee criticizes the so-called US deep state. They issued an arrest order for him a week later, and he was apprehended in Spain. He’s dead in a Spanish prison photo less than a year later.



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