John Lennon’s Son Problems Because of “Fake News”

Sean – son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono shared how the fake news propaganda has hurt his life deeply.

The fake news has no “off switch,” it’s always on, and always running at full speed.

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Our MCM spread fake news and propaganda that hurt the world’s population.

But nobody was quite aware of this fact. Not as much as now. After the COVID madness. And the Biden propaganda of most voted PResident.

And sadly, you can’t trust anything you read… Not even “entertainment” stuff, as “red-pilled” Sean Lennon points out.

ean, who is not shy about how he feels about the dangers and divisive “woke” movement, and the mind-control that our government and media are using on us, came clean about the fake news has hurt his life in a very personal way.

Sean shared how the media, with zero evidence, has asserted that he and his brother Julian Lennon have been fighting their entire lives and how people have accepted these lies as “fact” simply because they were repeated enough.

Sean then goes on to say how it worries him how easily we all fall for these stories, just because a so-called journalist” typed the words.

Here’s what Sean said:

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