Joe’s Brother – James Got Thebidens Into An Even Hotter Boiling Bath

“It was taking not only Hunter Biden’s records his former business partners, but also the records of the President’s brother, James Biden, and these records went back to 2014.”

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Joe/s junkie son, Hunter Biden opened the gates of curiosity towards further investigation in the intriguing life and past of the Biden family tree.

While giving a personal glimpse into Hunter’s drug-fueled life, it also opened up the entire legacy of the Biden family and their connections to the Communist Chinese Party. Not only that, it seems that along with Hunter and President Biden, federal authorities are now looking into the President’s brother, James Biden.

In the video featured below, CBS News reported, “I don’t want to speculate on the understanding of this investigation. But I just want to lay out what the White House position is and what we know through our own reporting here at CBS News. Recently, the White House Chief of Staff was asked about this issue, and he said that the President felt that his family had done the right thing. But then also added that these were the actions of Hunter Biden, and James Biden, the President’s brother, and that these were private matters, and that President Biden was not involved.”

While President Biden claims he was only doing the right thing, Investigative Correspondent Catherine Herridge added, “What we know through our reporting here at CBS news is that there was another subpoena that was sent out to one of the major banks here in the United States. And it was taking not only Hunter Biden’s records, his former business partners, but also the records of the President’s brother, James Biden, and these records went back to 2014. And the reason that timing matters is that it spans a period when Joe Biden was the Vice President.”

Why is James Biden so important? According to the former Department of Justice Jim Trusty, “There’s a question of whether they’re viewing James as a conduit for more information, just a witness – or if he’s a subject or a target, and those are things that only a few people in this world know right now. But look, I mean, you know, I think you’re right that if they’re looking expansively at other people, it sounds like more than a tax case. Remember, the only people that have called this a tax investigation are Hunter’s own attorneys, they kind of set that out as a trial balloon, and we don’t really have any confirmation what the scope is from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

He concluded, “The endgame here is going to be a big old permission slip from the attorney general and whether that’s a soft plea on a busy Friday afternoon to like a tax misdemeanor, or whether it’s a robust serious investigation and prosecution that implicates other people and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act…money laundering, all the things that are really at play. That’s the big wait-and-see about this attorney general. It’s not just the integrity of the investigators in the U.S. Attorney.”

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