Joe Scarborough Loses It On Air

Can you remember when this man was normal? And then he married a liberal feminist and all in a hand basket went to hell.

As he blasted the Republican Party for still endorsing former President Donald Trump, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had a complete breakdown on “Morning Joe” on Friday morning.

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Scarborough’s latest outburst came in reaction to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) accusing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) of engaging in “cancel culture” by voting to impeach Trump over last month’s Capitol disturbances.

“Scarborough asked how “sick” and “goodless” the GOP is to still help the former president after calling out McCarthy, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley for having to continue meeting with Trump.

“I don’t understand why Kevin McCarthy was yelling at Donald Trump on the phone because he was afraid for his life. Kevin McCarthy was asking the terrorists for Donald Trump to call down the terrorists to stop them from attacking,” Scarborough, a former Republican, said.

“And it was rejected by Donald Trump. “And when Kevin got mad, Donald Trump said, “Well, I think those assailants, I guess they’re more upset than you, Kevin, about the election.

And McCarthy goes to the floor with Donald Trump attacking him. And then, like Lindsey Graham, he gets afraid of his own shadow and flies down to Mar-a-Lago and takes selfies with Donald Trump. “It’s just like Haley’s Nikki. For only three seconds, she dares to say the truth about him, and now she’s going to try to get back with Donald Trump because he refuses to meet her at Mar-a-lago.

“It’s crazy that these people want to speak to a guy… Donald Trump, if you haven’t been watching lately, the man on the left led an uprising against the U.S. Capitol, yelling ‘Hang Mike Pence!’ at his own vice president!’ Scarborough went on.

And when Donald Trump, the man on the left, knew that the life of Mike Pence was in danger, knew that the life of the wife of Mike Pence was in danger, knew that the life of the family of Mike Pence was in danger, what did he do? Is he called his terrorists off? No, it’s not real. He tweeted, attacking Mike Pence to try some more to stir the crowd up.

‘Senator Ben Sasse said he had received information from inside the White House, inside the Oval Office, that Donald Trump looked gleefully at terrorists attacking American flag police officers,’ he concluded. So, my question is, exactly, how sick would a political party be? How gutless and directionless a politician needs to be in order to really want to be 100 miles from the man on the left.



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