Joe Biden Terrified of Trump’s Comeback: Shown In His Statement on Impeachment

This guy is shaking in his slippers right now...

Joe Biden says that he wants the saga of impeachment behind him. But that is a lie in his own words, not to mention the fevered declarations of his fellow Democrats. What he said, let’s see.

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Biden: “It was almost two weeks ago that Jill and I paid our respects to Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who laid honor in the Rotunda on January 6, 2021, after losing his life protecting the Capitol from a riotous, violent mob.” Oddly, he never paid homage to the people who lost their lives in the leftist urban riots of last year.

Today, 57 Senators, including a record 7 Republicans, voted to find former President Trump guilty of inciting our very democracy to this deadly uprising. The Senate vote preceded the bipartisan vote by the House of Representatives to impeach him. The content of the allegation is not in doubt, even though the final vote did not lead to a conviction. And those opposed to the conviction agree that Donald Trump was guilty of a ‘disgraceful dereliction of duty’ and ‘practically and morally responsible for provoking’ the violence unleashed on the Capitol, including Senate Minority Leader McConnell.” Not in question by Democrats and the media. Many disagree with this.

“I’m thinking this evening of those who bravely stood guard that January day. I think about all those who have lost their lives, all those who have been threatened with their lives, and all those who are still living in fear today, who have lived through that day.

And I’m thinking of those who had the courage to defend our democracy’s dignity before and after the election: Democrats and Republicans, election officials and judges, elected leaders and poll workers. Do you think of those in New York nursing homes who lost their lives? Maybe not.

We have been reminded by this tragic chapter in our history that democracy is fragile. It still needs to be defended. We must always be careful. That there is no room in America for abuse and extremism. And that each of us, as Americans, and particularly as leaders, has a duty and obligation to protect the truth and defeat lies.

Truth. True. So how about talking about the lies that you said during the campaign, like fracking, and the promises of the campaign that you broke already.

“That is how we end this uncivil war and heal the very soul of our nation. That is the task ahead. And it’s a task we must undertake together. As the United States of America.”

First off, Biden is terrified to death by the imminent Trump comeback. That’s why he’s trying to paint the events on January 6th to look more like Vietnam’s jungles, to cry out loud. Once again, Joe does his hardest to make President Trump sound like an insurrectionist who commands an anti-American army of banshees.

Once again, we all watched militant left-wing communists burn down our cities for three months, where more than 20 people died and countless people were injured.

Heal, and? How has this impeachment healed? How has healing helped a dictatorial approach to executive orders? How does healing benefit an insanely partisan Political House? And whose group stoked the incivility from which our new age is suffering? Look in Joe’s mirror. Your response is there.

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