Jim Jordan: ‘’This Is The WORST Administration In History!’’ He Drops Bomb On Biden During Firey Bannon Contempt Hearing!

On Wednesday, Republican Representatives Jim Jordan OH and Matt Gaetz FL attended the House Committee on Rules hearing to speak against the resolution by Pelosi’s January 6 committee that would hold Bannon in contempt of Congress due to defying a congressional subpoena.

They want to see Steve Bannon at the hearing to harass him for his role in the insurrection fantasy. The committee refuses to investigate Pelosi’s role in stopping National Guard to protect the US Capitol on January 6 and how Trump supporters died that day, two women were killed by the capitol police.

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The investigation is at a humiliating level, and Representative Jordan emphasized that to the Americans when he got the chance to speak.

In his testimony, he couldn’t stop speaking, calling the partisan investigation a “complete assault on American’s liberty.” That’s scary because the Democrats proved that they want to go against their political opponents.

Jordan highlighted that the bogus commission runs cover for the left’s policy failures and Biden’s terrible presidency. He covered many top problems that the Dems want to hide from the public. He called the leftists out for taking advantage of the fake insurrection story to deflect and avoid responsibility for the real problems.

After ten months, Jordan declares Biden to be the worst president in history.

We know what this is about, this is plain and simple, this is about they have noting else to talk about.

This is the worst administration in history. We went from a secure border, to complete chaos – complete chaos. Every single month has been worse than the one before.

They’ve got nothing else to talk about  – we went from energy independence, to the president of the us begging Opec to increase production. They cant talk about that, no they are going to use this committee to attack American citizen’s liberties and first amendment rights. 

We went from relatively safe streets to violent crime up in every major urban area in this country. 

[They] cant talk about inflation, real wages going down, supply chain problems, empty shelves in the stores – cant talk about that – nope gotta go after this [Trump Supporters].

“[They] Don’t want to ask those questions.”

Jordan cites Reuters reporting on the FBI’s investigation into the January 6 event that had discovered “scant evidence of ANY TYPE of coordination” and that any “violence was NOT centrally coordinated.”

What did they investigate?

Take a look at the video below and hear what Jordan stated at the House Rules Committee.

Yesterday, the Witch Hunt continued. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger gave their votes, unanimously, to hold the ex-president Trump Chief strategist in criminal contempt for refusing to participate in the political theater.

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