Jim Jordan Just Linked Adam Schiff to the Afghanistan Scandal And Warned Him About What’s to Come

When it comes to the Afghanistan debacle, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Of course, Biden owns it all, but there are many Democratic “co-owners” as well.

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Adam Schiff, the proponent of the Russia hoax, is one of them…

Jim Jordan is chastising him and issuing a warning…

The Democrats may be in command right now, but that won’t last forever, and Jordan says he’ll go after Schiff if the Republicans retake the House.

Here are some further details…

According to the Western Journal, Jim stated of Adam Schiff, “But if we were going to hold hearings, it is obvious who should appear.” I mean, the same individuals who made all of these judgments that led to this disaster in Afghanistan are the same folks who were driving foreign policy in the Obama-Biden administration, Stuart, and brought us the Libya-Benghazi problem. So it’s Blinken, Burns, Sherman, Sullivan, Rice, those folks need to come,” he continued, naming a number of high-ranking Biden administration officials, many of whom also served in key positions under the Obama administration.

“And, frankly, I believe we should also bring in Adam Schiff. What was the Intel Committee, and what kind of intel was it?

“We should have been having hearings on what’s going on over there,” Kevin McArthy said of Schiff. We should have been able to predict that they would fall apart so quickly. But Adam Schiff was more concerned with impeachment than with performing his job.”

Will the GOP finally hold the Democrats accountable for something, and will it result in anything?

Time will tell, but one thing is certain: the GOP is feeling the heat from their base, and they may feel compelled to strike back.

We’ll see…

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