Jim Acosta of CNN Has Said a Lot of Crazy Stuff… But What He Just Said is The Most Dangerous Thing He’s Ever Said

Jim Acosta of CNN has said a lot of insane, idiotic things. It’s nearly impossible to keep up of all of his inflammatory and false statements.

Jim, on the other hand, has outdone himself…

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What he just said is the most insanely hazardous thing he’s ever uttered, to say nothing of being false, disrespectful, and delusional.

On Friday, Acosta claimed that if former President Donald Trump holds political rallies this summer, “you have to wonder” if riots like the ones that occurred on January 6 at the US Capitol will occur.

“How unbelievable is it that some of these Republicans are genuinely supporting all of these conspiracies?” Wolf Blitzer, the host, enquired.

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Acosta responded, “They live in a different universe.” “I suppose you could name it the Q-niverse,” says the narrator. It’s worth noting that some of these same Republicans were blaming Antifa at the start of January 6. They’re now blaming FBI agents for the incident. You have to wonder, “Who will be the next?”

“This is disturbing, Wolf,” he said, referring to a video of the Capitol rioting. Donald Trump will return to the campaign trail on January 6, sparking the same types of flames as he did on January 6. You have to wonder if it will lead to scenes like this one.

“Do you recall what happened on January 6th?” Acosta inquired. “He gave this speech,” says the narrator. He enraged the throng and marched them to the Capitol. Those who are curious about who invaded the Capitol on January 6 might just glance in the mirror. Law enforcement has been able to identify the people in these videos. It’s as plain as day.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence was yelled at during his speech to the Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit, according to Acosta.

He remarked, “This is the same type of animosity we see on the campaign trail directed at us, focused at his opponents.” “We should expect this kind of behavior if Donald Trump returns to the campaign trail this summer, as he is expected to do.”

Pence, according to Acosta, “has to be shielded… from some of the Republican party’s dark forces.”

Blitzer remarked, “He obeyed the United States Constitution and did what he had to do.”

Acosta added, “And could not be a more dedicated foot soldier.” “There was no one more willing to help Donald Trump.”


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