Jim Acosta & Brian Stelter’s Reaction to Cuomo’s Firing is Priceless!

Chris Cumo was yet again turned into a ‘breaking news’ story on CNN.

But this time – the joke is on him for good and it’s gonna last!

Being fired, he lost his last percent of credibility…

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In an ultimate ironic twist about the cruel cable news business, Cuomo’s demise was used to juice ratings on the failing network by having Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter (aka Mr. Potato Head) deliver the good bad news to CNN viewers.

“And we have breaking news to report to you now about CNN anchor Chris Cuomo,” Acosta said, deadpan. “Earlier this week, Cuomo was suspended from CNN after documents revealed he had been involved more than previously known in shaping his brother’s, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s, defense.”

“Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, we should point out, has now been terminated here at CNN,” Acosta added before going to Brian Stelter.

“Brian, obviously this is huge news,” he said. “Not only inside CNN, but for this industry. What can you tell us?”

“Yeah, Chris Cuomo, one of the most popular anchors at CNN,” Stelter said, “One of the best-known names in television news, violated journalistic ethics and norms, not once or twice, but many times. And that’s ultimately the result of today’s news.”

Watch the video here. And try not to laugh!

It’s a challenge!


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