Jill Biden’s Medical Boot Is A Sign That President Trump Will Be Re-Elected!! Election Fraud Is Biden’s Treason… And if That Wasn’t Bad Enough, She’s on the Wrong Foot!!

Jill Biden’s Medical Boot Is A Sign That President Trump Will Be Re-Elected!! Election Fraud Is Biden’s Treason… And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s on the wrong foot!!
Jill Biden joins a lengthy line of shady characters, treacherous snakes, conniving scam artists, and sly slime who have been scheming to jeopardize everyone’s lives and liberties. This, according to Zetatalk, is an OBVIOUS indicator that Trump will be re-elected., WHO ARE SEEN WEARING ANKLE AND WRIST MONITORS, AS WELL AS BOOTS. Even so, it wasn’t evident enough… She’s even walking on the erroneous ‘injured’ foot!

According to Zetatalk:

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After a foot injury in Hawaii, Jill Biden was photographed wearing a walking boot and using crutches on August 13, 2021.

After a procedure to repair her foot injury in Hawaii, Biden was spotted in a walking boot and crutches. Last month, the first lady was treated after an object became trapped in her foot while walking along a beach.

After a foot injury, Jill Biden wears a medical boot in Hawaii on August 13, 2021.

In late July, the first lady punctured her foot on a beach walk in Hawaii, where she flew for official activities after taking part in the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.

The Cabal replaced the actual Joe Biden with a Black Hat Double in June 2019 when Biden looked to have had a face lift, according to ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021. The Junta then intervened a year later to replace the Black Hat Double with a White Hat Double so that they could maintain control if Biden was elected. Throughout all of this, Jill Biden, Joe’s faithful wife, appeared to be by his side. In actuality, she was afraid and intimidated, and she complied with whoever appeared to be in authority and was likely to point a pistol at her.

What’s different now that Jill’s wearing a House Arrest boot? Who waits two weeks to remove an uncomfortable and probably infected object? This is being covered in the media now because it has become yet another piece of evidence that President Trump will be re-elected. Jill’s treason was her participation in the electoral fraud, and she will be tried for it at Gitmo. We expect a plea bargain.

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