Jill And Joe Biden Howling 4th July Meme

Oh, this definitely goes in the saved memes on my PC. I never want to lose it!

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I don\t quite get how is Jill and Joe’s total overall behavior regarding our country go hand-by-hand with the spectacular celebration they tried to manifest for our Independence Day… They supported communist athletes that totally ditched the flag and the whole country, plotted secret plans with China, wanted to start war…

Oh, nut I guess they really needed the fame and PR over the biggest holiday in our national history…

Watch the (stunt) event:

And, as you might be guessing and reading on Twitter, there were A LOT of hilarious comments.

But this one made me burst out of laughter!

Here are some of the rest of the comments.

“This old barfly has the worst fashion sense.”

“After wearing all of the White House curtains, Dr. Jill has debuted a luxurious white lace table topper with a spiffy European Pattern, from the WH home décor collection for the annual July 4th celebration.”

“Biden is so confused. He’s telling his wife, “nice fireworks for Easter” Can I have my ice cream cone now?”

“I like to see “ Trump Won” everywhere. Truth is the best!”

“She sure loves to wear either table cloths or window curtains.”

“The whole world knows Trump won.”

“I got a serious question, where is all of Joe’s support? You never see it. You just hear of it from the media and polls. I wanna see all his amazing support”

“This made me laugh, I love it. gotta keep your sense of humor through this mess”

“Goodness gracious, Jill Biden dresses awful.”

“Biden up past his bedtime. Hope they fed him some extra ice cream”


Ava Garcia

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