‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Show Ignorance And Viewers Get Upset

Viewers and fans of the popular quiz show “Jeopardy!” were disappointed when none of the participants could answer the clue based on very basic knowledge of US history.

Mayim Bialik, the actor and neuroscientist from “The Big Bang Theory,” hosted the episode, which aired on Tuesday.

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For $800, contestant Robin Lozano chose the “Quotations” category during a round on Double Jeopardy. Bialik provided him a hint from a well-known speech.

“This brief but powerful speech concludes with ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people,'” she concluded.

Before the buzzer rang, the seconds ticked past without any of the players volunteering even a guess at the solution to the clue.

The famous remark comes from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in November 1863.

Many viewers were somewhat aback by the fact that none of the contenders recognized this basic truth about American history.

“Do you know what the Gettysburg Address is? Worst performance I’ve ever seen. Tonight, none of these three deserved to win. They’d have glanced around like befuddled squirrels if they’d been asked to add 3 + 2 “claimed one detractor.

“I’m going to act as if I didn’t just see ALL THREE finalists miss ‘the Gettysburg Address’ right now,” one said.

“How did #Jeopardy manage to locate three contestants who don’t know the Gettysburg Address’s final line? Folks, this isn’t Elementary Jeopardy “.

“Wow, no one had ever heard of The Gettysburg Address. That saddened me “Another person replied.

Some made mention of Alex Trebek, the show’s longtime host who died of pancreatic cancer in November.

One person wrote, “That sound you hear is Alex Trebek spinning in his tomb.”

Mayim Bialik as host of Jeopardy! is shown in the video below:



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