Jenna Ellis Has Exacted Vengeance on the GOP When Damning Evidence Surfaces That They Sabotaged Trump’s Campaign

A argument came out online a few days ago between President Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis and Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican Party.

Ronna actually blocked Jenna because things became so heated.

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So, where did it all begin?

Jenna claimed that soon after the 2020 election, the GOP actively and forcefully sabotaged President Trump.

The allegation revolves around a fight between Rudy Giuliani and a Republican National Committee lawyer after they declined to stand up for Trump and his supporters following the 2020 charade, according to Ellis.

It happened during a meal with Ellis and Giuliani, according to reports. Justin Riemer, the RNC’s general attorney, sent her an email questioning the “battle” to overturn the election. Giuliani reportedly called Riemer in a frenzy after Ellis showed him the email.

The Republican National Committee refused to support their candidate and voters. They were not going to aid Trump; in fact, their passivity was working against him. Why would they do something like this? Aren’t we all aware that the DNC will battle tooth and nail for their candidate? That is, of course, self-evident.

Jenna spoke with Sebastian Gorka about the situation:


Ronna maintains her denial of all of this, even going on Newsmax to declare the story is “fake.”

Since we all saw how the GOP abandoned President Trump, this is a weird stance for the GOP to take.


Is she implying that we didn’t notice?


Regardless, Jenna presented the receipts, proving Ronna’s deception.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t decide whether I despise DNC or RNC more. At this moment, it’s a coin flip.

And, as difficult as it is for me to confess, I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18 years old. I trusted this party and gave them a lot of money and time…and now I despise them.

Many folks are experiencing this sensation.

So I can’t hold Jenna responsible for what she just did…because I did the same thing.

Jenna finally exacted her vengeance on the Republican Party by abandoning them.

“Even if I have to stand alone for the Truth, I will stand for the Truth,” Jenna declares.

Amen, lady.

The following is a link to a video:

It’s time to “Defund the RNC,” and it’s time for Ronna to step down as a proven liar and traitor.

Donate directly to your candidates, but please, for the love of God, don’t keep funneling your hard-earned money to the RNC’s snakes and liars.


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