James Woods’s Tweet About the Taliban “Freely Tweeting” While Trump Remains Silent Has Gone Viral

Is it possible that the leader of a terrorist organization that habitually slaughters people and abuses women like there’s no tomorrow has a large social media presence, but the 45th President of the United States does not?

That is the abhorrent condition of affairs in which our country finds itself.

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It’s as though we’re all compelled to live in a “upside-down world.”

This tweet from former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill struck a chord with me.

Here’s what he said: “Do I have this correct?” Our border is wide open, China’s biological weapons are on the rise, we shut our pipelines but opened Russia’s, the Taliban is back in power, police are being defunded, and people with penises are women.

Everything is backwards, sideways, and irrational, but the government wants us to believe they are interested in “science.”

Men bearing babies and women with penises?

No, no, no.

This kind of behavior makes me assume that all of their so-called “experts” are extreme crackpots who have entirely lost sight of true research in favor of woke politics…

I have no faith in any of them.

And James Woods was essentially saying the same thing, but he was pointing out the same “clown world” logic of keeping a terrorist online but silencing a patriotic former president.

He raises an excellent point. It’s ludicrous and dangerous, and it only adds to the country’s divisiveness and unhappiness.

He is correct.

We’ve gotten ourselves lost, and we’re heading down a rabbit hole of failed progressive dogma that no one wants save a few fringe kooks backed by corporate America.

And the irony is that corporate America hasn’t done enough research to recognize that Americans aren’t fond of this wacky “woke” nonsense – or has done so and doesn’t care?

If we Americans agreed with the left’s “lifestyle,” the Olympics, NBA, and NFL would have had record ratings, and all those “woke” movies at the box office would be blockbusters right now.

Instead, all of the foregoing has been roundly and categorically rejected by Americans.

The actual question we should be asking is why are we letting this small group of people to bully us?

Everything will change if we decide to put an end to it, and the way we do that is by speaking up and proudly expressing our feelings to these woke companies, schools, medical professionals, and politicians, among others.

But until that time comes, we’ll be slaves to the minority.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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