James Woods Calls Out Twitter For 2020 Election Interference

YUP! He finally went there.

Elon’s takeover of Twitter is about to bring many truths to the surface.

Especially regarding the rigged 2020 elections.

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After the 2020 election disaster, James Woods took a break from politics. Surely – he didn’t totally restrain himself from opinions on the matter. But now, you can see some increased activity from his side.

It seems that he knew all along what was going on with Twitter, so he kept a low profile, in order to stay on the network and not get compromised such as many other conservative pundits.

Here’s what James had to say: “It is astonishing how severe the suppression of free thought was during the #TwitterDarkDays. Now I get tens of thousands of likes per tweet and gained over 50,000 followers just yesterday alone. Hard to imagine the effect of this level of suppression on the 2020 election.”

And here’s what people online had to say about this.

“The damage is incalculable… Wait… I shouldn’t say that – @elonmusk could probably calculate it, or knows someone who can.”

“They already deleted the source code of the algo.”

“Hard to imagine the effect of this level of suppression on the 2020 election.” That was the point.”

“Their mission was to stop Trump, and everyone completed their task, from mail-in ballot mules to social media tech censors, to media coverup stories…it went off without a hitch”

“There is a real change in the air…everyone who is awake can feel it !”

“Covering there tracks. Wonder if Elon can go back and see what algorithms were used and how many bots were manufactured from Twitter itself?”

“Truly astonishing. More revelations to come for sure.”

“A GOP Congress needs to get in there with a forensic team and tear the coding apart”

“Still need to reinstate all suspended accounts and eliminate all fact checking.”

Twitter Wayne Dupree

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