Jackie Chan Has Pledged His Undying Support For The CCP. “I’m Not Sure If Having Freedom is a Good Thing…”

You may take the actor out of China, but you can’t take their communist ideas out of the actor, as Jackie Chan just demonstrated.

Despite the fact that the United States has given him nearly everything he has, Chan appears to still yearn to remain under harsh Chinese rule.

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Chan has a history of applauding the Chinese government and their draconian censorship, but at a recent event, he went too far.

According to the Daily Wire, during a Beijing symposium commemorating the Chinese Communist Party’s centennial on July 8, the action hero showered the Party’s praises and stated flatly that he would like to join its ranks.

“I’m envious of your CCP membership. “The CCP is truly great,” he told the assembled communist officials, adding, “The CCP’s pledges are realized in decades, not centuries.” “I’d like to join the CCP.”

According to the article, Chan has already shown his support for the Chinese government. During a discussion on Asia in 2008, he applauded the regime’s censorship measures, saying, “I’m not sure if it’s beneficial to have freedom or not.” Now I’m completely perplexed. If you’re too free, you’ll end up like Hong Kong. It’s a shambles. Taiwan is a crazy place as well. I’m starting to believe that we Chinese need to be governed. If we aren’t being watched, we would just do anything we wish

Chan has clearly been indoctrinated into some hardline communist ideals.

This is ironic because Chan would not have achieved his current level of success if he had pursued a film career in China.

This has to be a slap in the face to many of his supporters, both inside and outside of China – particularly those in Hong Kong, who are fighting for the “freedom” that he believes is “wrong.”

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