J6 Political Prisoner Chris Quaglin Beaten In Jail! This Is The Letter To His Son!

Christopher Quaglin has been in prison since April 7, 2021, and had his appearance in court that afternoon.

He was charged with assaulting, resisting, and impeding officers, civil disorder obstruction of an official proceeding.

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Reports claim he shouted at the police officers from the other side of the fence and moved closer to them. He was accused of getting in a physical altercation with one officer.

However, on October 10, he pleaded not guilty to all counts in a status conference, so his trial was set for October 3, 2022.

The Epoch Times reported that an inmate beat Quaglin at the Northern Neck Regional Jail. His lawyer asked for a video meeting with Quaglin. However, the request has been denied.

“It took about two weeks, two and a half weeks before I was able to actually see his face,” according to Quaglin’s attorney, Joseph D. McBride.

“By that time, the majority of the swelling had gone down; some of the wound had begun to heal. His eye was shut completely for about ten days,” he added.

McBride stated that Quaglin’s celiac disease has worsened. But, the jail won’t give him the gluten-free diet he has to consume.

“He has excruciating abdominal pain, worthy of hospitalization,” McBride said. “Each time he eats a non-celiac-safe meal, he bleeds out of his rectum.”

Christ Quaglin’s father, Robert Quaglin, talked to TGP about his son’s condition under the Biden regime.

“I am the father of Christopher Quaglin, an untried January 6 detainee, who has been held in prison without the opportunity of bail or release since April 7, 2021. Please read his personal letter below to the broadcast community outlining his plight and it is my hope that you find his story compelling enough to use his personal situation in a future broadcast.”

Please note Chris’ story is absolutely unique and extremely compelling and, as such, has been featured on nationally televised broadcasts as well as in the national print media this past year,” Mr. Quaglin added. “Please note that our family is utterly in shambles over his situation and any help you can provide would be absolutely wonderful.”

Here’s Christopher Quaglin’s letter to TGP:

My name is Chris Quaglin. I am one of the January Sixers who has been overcharged and illegally detained by the corrupt Biden Regime. My behavior on January 6 was less than perfect… having said that, I did not hurt anyone. I am not a violent person and I have no criminal record. I am a husband and a father. I am also an American citizen who has been purposefully starved and held in solitary confinement for over 10 months. Each time I complain I am retaliated against.

I have celiac disease and am routinely fed food that causes me great pain. I am often sick and in need of emergency medical care for weeks at a time.

I have lost 27 pounds since being moved to Northern Neck Regional Jail in Virginia.

The kitchen that prepares our food is infested with roaches and mice. This place is a disgusting medieval dungeon.

Northern Neck purposefully put me in a pod with COVID-positive people when I arrived and then threw me in the box when I complained. Now I am in a section called “A Pod” which is the worst of the worst. There are fights and violence here every day. There are vicious beatings by prisoners and guards every day.

My son, Nathan, was not even born on January 6. Nathan Michael Quaglin was born on February 5, 2021 (8 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches).

I was arrested on April 7, 2021 in connection with the January 6 protest at the Capitol in D.C. Nathan was 8 weeks old. My favorite memory of the two of us is in this picture I have attached. I was lying on the bed one morning with Nathan. He was staring at me, studying every detail of my face.

I remember his eyes. They were full of life and curiosity, ready to take on the world. I was so proud. Nothing else mattered in the world besides him. He was my son, and I was his dad. I have revisited that memory thousand times during these past 11 months.

Nathan is now one year old (23 pounds and 30 inches). I’ve already missed seeing him learn how to crawl, him trying new foods for the first time, hearing his first words which were “mama” but recently he has recognized me in pictures and knows I’m “dada”, and I even missed his first steps. And it kills me.

Nathan is such a good boy. He is the happiest baby ever. My wife, Moira, has done such an amazing job. She is an amazing mom. She is the strongest woman I know. I have no idea where I’d be without her. I have written my son Nathan a letter that I hope you can publish. I hope that it will cause people to see the humanity in my situation and change the way they feel about me in their hearts.

I was not perfect on January 6. I recognize that, but I do not deserve to be tortured in jail either. Please ask your viewers and followers to donate to my legal defense fund as well. Joseph McBride, my attorney, is a patriot and has stood with my family every step of the way. We need to get him the substantial resources he needs to make sure that my day in court is a fair one.

God Bless you, your listeners, readers, and or viewers.


Chris Quaglin

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And this is the letter to his baby son Nathan:

Dear Nathan,

I love you, buddy. You’re getting so big, and I am sorry that I am not there with you. I think about you every day. It’s what gives me the strength to push on day after day. I hope you will understand one day why I went to Washington, D.C. on January 6. I went there for you, my son.

I went there because I saw our American democracy slipping away. I saw a once-free America that I love turn into the beginning of a Communist state. Your mother escaped Communist China when she was just a baby. How could I let you, our son, grow up in an America that is not free…? I had to do something… So, I went to have my voice heard.

My job as your father is to protect you, our family, and myself. My duty as a patriot is to protect America. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said, “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.” The Spirit of 1776 my son, is the Spirit of Resistance.

We as Americans had to show the world that America’s freedom wouldn’t be taken without resistance. The same kind of resistance that my fellow Americans with different political views had been demonstrating throughout 2020. Those Americans poured out into the streets for their views, and J6 patriots poured out for ours because that is what America is all about.

Nathan, I hope you understand why I couldn’t be there with you on your first birthday. And if I could go back and change my decision to go to the Capitol on January 6 I would, but I can’t.

I am deeply sorry for missing your first birthday.

Daddy loves you and will be home as soon as he can.

Happy Birthday Buddy,

Love Daddy

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