It’s Official: Judge Napolitano Booted Out From Fox News

“Another one bites the dust”

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In a previous article, we’ve mentioned why exactly did Fox News kept these “conservatives” around – to make anti-Trump propaganda, and people to actually start believing and considering their words, as conservative members. If those same threats and spits on President Trump came from Liberals, people would’ve never really considered them as true – they would only think of them as campaigning…

And now, Fox News is slowly getting rid of these people.

According to the report published by AP News,

“Napolitano has been a legal pundit for Fox News for more than two decades, and he became a vocal critic of Donald Trump on a network known for supporting him. He was a judge in the New Jersey court system before that.

According to the case, which was filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, “Even though the two had never met previously, Judge Napolitano stood awkwardly close to the plaintiff, started stroking his arm, and asked who the plaintiff worked for.”

Napolitano was accused of sexually harassing “several young male employees” at Fox, according to the lawsuit.

“Upon first learning of John Fawcett’s allegations against Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News News Media immediately investigated the claims and addressed the matter with both parties.”

The Fox News Network and Judge Napolitano parted ways after the investigation was over.


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