IT’S OFFICIAL: A “Clear Link” Between AstraZeneca and Blood Clots In The Human Brain Is Confirmed!

So, what will be the next move? Out of the market? And what about all those humans who have already taken the AstraZeneca vaccine?

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Blood clots are deadly. Especially if they form inside the head, mostly in the human brain…

And the EMA (European Medical Association) has confirmed a “clear link” between the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the forming of the blood clots in the human brain.

Marko Cavaleri, the EMA researcher who has been active in the researches, has stated for an Italian newspaper that “we can now say it is clear that there is an association (of the brain blood clots) with the vaccine.”

He continued, “The EMA is currently investigating 44 reports of the brain clotting that have occurred in the European Economic Area of people who have received the vaccine. The British government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency also reported a further 44 cases of blood clots, with 7 of those having died as a result by the last figures from the 24 of March. Reuters reported that a high proportion of the affected cases were of young and middle-aged women, but the EMA has not yet concluded if they are particularly at risk from the shot.”

Professor David Werring from the UCL Institute of Neurology, regarding a similar issue, stated that “the clots are accompanied by low levels of platelets and “rare antibodies” in the blood linked to other clotting disorders. This raises the possibility that the vaccine could be a causal factor in these rare and unusual cases of CVST, though we don’t know this yet, so more research is urgently needed.”

The review is expected to be published by the EMA in the following of this week.  However, the review was “not likely to give an indication… regarding the ages of individuals to whom the AstraZeneca shot should be given.”

But, at the very same time, specific European countries, such as France, The Netherlands and Germany have already restricted and banned the usage of AstraZeneca, or they’ve restricted it for people under the age of 55, 60.

And the United Kingdom has paused the trial for testing the AstraZeneca vaccine for human children.

“Whilst there are no safety concerns in the pediatric clinical trial, we await additional information from the MHRA on its review of rare cases of thrombosis/thrombocytopaenia that have been reported in adults, before giving any further vaccinations in the trial,” a spokesman from the University of Oxford, who developed the vaccine in conjunction with AstraZeneca, stated.


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