It’s Happening…Andrew Cuomo Just Got The Worst News Possible

The walls really are beginning to close down on Andrew Cuomo…

Many are sharpening their pitch forks and pointing them at Cuomo’s seat with the startling revelation that his state withheld COVID-19 nursing home deaths from the federal government.

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Now the Republicans of the New York Assembly have formally begun the impeachment proceedings against Governor Cuomo for his potential nursing home scandal crimes.

Time to start packaging your Cuomo bags… it’s not going to be long now.

On Thursday, Assembly Republicans announced a resolution to establish an impeachment commission composed of eight bipartisan members of the legislature. The panel will have 60 days to perform its work and send to the state legislature its conclusions and recommendations.

“The nursing home cover-up by the Cuomo Administration is one of the most alarming scandals we’ve seen in state government,” said Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay in a statement. The Legislature is responsible for carrying out a thorough, bipartisan analysis of the policies, decisions and acts of the Cuomo Administration on this issue and making a decision on what steps must be taken.

The first step in the process of theoretically impeaching Cuomo is the adoption of the resolution. Although, maybe the commission will never come to fruition. In order for the resolution to pass in the Assembly, at least 32 Democrats and one Independent will need the support of Republicans. Republicans will require 12 democrats in the State Senate.

In a call, Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s top aide, told lawmakers that the governor’s office postponed supplying the legislature with details about nursing home deaths because it was concerned about the data being “used against” them in an investigation by the Department of Justice. The decision was soon called a “cover-up,” and Democrats are calling for Cuomo to be stripped of the emergency powers he was given at the time.

Democrats accusing Cuomo of “obstruction of justice” shows there is “clearly a willingness” on the other side of the aisle to “pursue a path” like impeachment, Michael Fraser, Barclay’s communications director, told Newsweek. He would not, however, describe Barclay as “confident” in the ability of Republicans to pass the commission-forming resolution and place the onus on Democrats.

While this impeachment is not a sure way to oust Cuomo, it will undoubtedly roll the pitch.


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