‘It’s Appalling’: Mollie Hemingway With Corporate Accusations on Biden’s Threats

Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist chastised the corrupt corporate media for its lenient coverage of President Joe Biden’s threatening speech on Thursday evening, comparing it with former President Donald Trump’s constant hostile media coverage during his presidency.

“The contrast between our media’s coverage of the Trump administration, when they were aggressively hostile to virtually everything the administration did, and their sycophantic kindness and support of everything the Biden administration is doing is a constant reminder of their corruption,” Hemingway said.

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She went on to say that the mainstream media has progressed past the decade-old racism that pervaded the Obama administration to “true corruption.”

“There is a distinction to be made between making a newsroom full of progressives and simply engaging in propaganda and rewriting everything. That is what is happening right now, describing a rather divisive administration that is engaging in a full-fledged cultural war, breaking down the country’s borders and making all kinds of foreign policy mistakes,” Hemingway said. “To present it as a unifying and good administration is propaganda, and half of the nation knows that, while the other half, I believe, is comforted by propaganda.

“It’s heinous. The White House told reporters that they needed them to portray the speech as uplifting and optimistic, so reporters and propaganda outlets did just that, when it was anything but. It was surprisingly impolite, with no mention of the previous administration’s behavior. Hemingway added, “The only thing that has really succeeded in this whole coronavirus pandemic is improving the vaccine.”

Biden also expressed appreciation for the previous administration’s efforts to promote and administer a safe and reliable COVID vaccine for risks, according to her.

“There were threats that if you didn’t do what Joe Biden wanted, you’d have to lock the nation down again, and then to pick Independence Day as the day he says he would let people gather is just so un-American. And, you know, Joe Biden doesn’t get to tell me when I can have a backyard barbecue, let alone tie it to Independence Day,” Hemingway said. “It feels like we’ve lost something as a country when so many people are willing to submit to such stringent government controls on such a minor issue. It’s a really bad sign for the days ahead if they’re able to do it for this situation for this long.”


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