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Image: French protesters show up in force to defy covid vaccination mandates

(Natural News) Protests have erupted in France over Emmanuel Macron’s new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” requirement.

French freedom warriors singing “Liberté” on the streets of Paris, as police officers try to pull them back and prevent their voices from being heard (see video below).

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The protests began on July 14, or Bastille Day, which is a national holiday in France commemorating the anniversary of the French Revolution’s inception.

According French reports, police have fired tear gas at demonstrators who oppose mandatory vaccinations, “sanitary passports,” or any other type of medical fascism that Macron may try to impose.

It began with all health-care personnel in France being required to be vaccinated against the Fauci Flu, and now Macron is requiring that everyone living in France be vaccinated before eating, working, or attending church.

In order to accomplish anything in France, an unvaccinated person must now demonstrate a “negative” Chinese Virus test result before being allowed inside any place.

Some of the demonstrators told the media that they are protesting for the sake of freedom.

According to French officials, at least 19,000 people turned out across France to protest Tony Fauci and Donald Trump’s experimental injections. Even if the government and the police say they should, the French do not want their DNA to be altered at “warp speed.”

Rather than respecting the protests, police around France were aggressive against the demonstrators, accusing some of them of “throwing projectiles” and setting fires.

Macron’s directive has clearly enraged the public, and rightly so. They’re doing what they think will get the greatest attention and, hopefully, result in a policy reversal since they have few other options.

Fontaine is cited as stating, “Macron plays on fears; it’s revolting.” “I know people who are getting vaccinated only to take their kids to the theater, not to safeguard others from terrible forms of covid.”

Gabriel Attal, a government spokesman, attempted to twist the story by stating that there is no “vaccine obligation.” It’s just “maximum inducement,” which means that if you don’t want your life in France to be a miserable misery, you’ll accept to be stabbed.

So far, less than half of the French population has been stabbed, according to official figures. France is thought to have some of the world’s highest levels of vaccine “skepticism.”

One Twitter user said of the French protests, “They’re doing God’s work.”

“This has to catch fire all around the world and not stop until the garbage is removed,” commented another, asking people all over the world to come to the streets and speak out against mandatory Fauci Flu vaccinations.

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