It Is Impossible For Georgia To Produce More Than 17,000 Ballot Images!

GA is a smoking gun!

GA is a smoking gun!

Everything that happened in the state, from the stadium incident to the obfuscation of GA officials like Kemp and Raffensperger, was sufficient to force a sane person to raise a brow.

The Maricopa County audit results were illuminating, but whatever happened there exposed that fraud occurred there.

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Georgia is back in the news struggling with election integrity problems, and it is more serious this time.

The Voter GA cannot produce more than 17,000 ballot images, more than the entire margin of victory for the entire state.

The information comes from the revelation that Fulton Country can’t track down its chain of custody documents.

See this below:

The GA Record reported;

At least 28 counties admitted having no original images at all and 22 of those counties only had recount images that some claimed are the same as originals.

Recount images don’t have original time stamps that can be used for audit purposes nor do they have original meta data that shows how votes were initially interpreted. The images can also be changed by tampering between scans and are therefore, invalid to audit an election.

VoterGA received emails from another 28 counties admitting they do not have a complete set of original images. Various counties were missing all in-person voting images, all absentee images.

The Associated Press rejected all the claims of election fraud in Georgia.

No, Trump lost Georgia in an election the state has certified for Democrat Joe Biden. Republican election officials have affirmed the election was conducted and counted fairly.

With ballots counted three times, including once by hand, Georgia’s certified totals show Trump lost to Biden by 11,779 votes out of nearly 5 million cast. Raffensperger certified the totals with officials saying they’ve found no evidence that Trump won.

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