Israel: There is no Difference Between Those Who Have Been Vaccinated and Those Who Have not Been Vaccinated; Both are at Risk of Getting COVID

In recent weeks, two Israeli national news stations reported and examined data on hospitalized people and positive COVID cases, concluding that people who received the vaccine have the same chance of catching the virus.

On August 2, Channel 11 Kann news aired a study of the previous day’s positive cases and hospitalizations in the population over 60 years old, who is regarded the most vulnerable.

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250 of the 279 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 (CCP or Chinese Communist Party virus) were fully vaccinated, while 29 were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, implying that they had only had one dosage.

The reporter clarified, “This is how it looks in percentages: 90% of the patients were completely vaccinated, and 10% were unprotected or partially vaccinated.”

The presenter changed the graph to show that when the complete population of vaccinated persons is compared, the same pattern emerges: 94 percent of the positive cases are of vaccinated people.

Vaccination has had a favorable effect on persons with severe pre-existing disorders, according to the journalist. He did not provide any data or examples of what those benefits would have been, but it seems likely that he was referring to the fact that it would have averted fatalities among this group of people.

“However, the fact that the proportion of ‘vaccinated’ in the 60+ population is nearly identical to their proportion in ‘verified cases,’” the reporter exclaimed, “means that at 60 and above, there is almost no difference between being vaccinated or not—you have the same chances of contracting the disease!”

The presenter stated that the third dose that the Israeli government is administering to people over 60 is supposed to increase protection against the so-called “delta” variant from India, claiming that the vaccine’s ineffectiveness in preventing contagions is due to the vaccine’s “fading” protection.

The effort to roll out a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine to the at-risk population began ‘successfully’ last week, according to Israeli authorities.

Both supporters and opponents of the operation expressed their displeasure with the action.

Those in support stated that, while there is no guarantee that a third dose will ‘increase’ protection, it will ‘always’ help.

Those opposed noted a lack of regulatory approval for a third dose, while others said that it was more important to focus on the 1.1 million people in Israel who still refuse to be vaccinated.

The TV host also quoted a report from the CDC that stated that with the new Delta strain, the ‘viral load’ is the same whether the person is vaccinated or not.

“In simple terms, diseased vaccinated people can transmit the disease just like unvaccinated people!” the journalist concluded.

Do the Israeli data cast doubt on pandemic preparedness?
“Based on this data, it’s a little weird that vaccinated people who were exposed to a certified person aren’t quarantined or tested,” the journalist added.

The presenter explained, “This subject has already been discussed in the past but got off the table—in an attempt not to diminish the general motivation to get vaccinated.”

To put it another way, the Israeli government chose not to address the subject of why limits like isolation are imposed in order to avoid discouraging individuals from being vaccinated. Vaccination activities continue despite statistics from their own country indicating that the vaccines did not achieve immunity in individuals who received them.

Dr. Kobi Haviv, head of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, validated the facts and analysis offered by channel 11 on another news show on Israel’s national TV channel 13, on August 5.

The majority of COVID patients are vaccinated, as the hospital head notes.

“The majority of naturally occurring old folks are immunized. The majority of the population is vaccinated, and “85% to 90% of the hospitalizations here are ‘fully vaccinated’ people,” according to Dr. Haviv.

‘Unfortunately,’ says the doctor, the vaccine’s potency is decreasing; “outbreaks in hospitals, where one patient infects a big number of people, it’s not only here and there,” he adds.


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