Is There a COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Policy in Place at FOX News?

For months, liberals have yelled that FOX News is to blame for the deaths of Americans due to vaccine disinformation.

In actuality, FOX News has extensive ties to Big Pharma, and they, like other media groups, are pushing for experimental vaccines.

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Despite the fact that FOX News management are corrupt, primetime hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have remained outliers in their coverage of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Their reporting has been excellent, and they’ve interviewed doctors and reporters who have been silenced by Big Tech for raising concerns about the experimental vaccines’ hazards.

Dr. Fauci is ‘dead incorrect’ about masks, according to a Stanford epidemiologist. pic.twitter.com/z6iMhNXI2I

NEW: Fox News Employees Get Their Own Vaccine Passport

https://t.co/rUQ5LkytQW It’s called “Fox Clear Pass.”

July 19, 2021 — Ryan Grim (@ryangrim)

www.edition.cnn.com www.independent.co.uk www.welovetrump.com

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