Is Mike Pence Scared of President Trump? His Latest Weaselly Move Says “Yep, He is…”

Mike Pence is a typical swamp creature in an institution.

I didn’t trust him ever. Really, I didn’t even really like him, he always seemed to me so hollow and so plastic.

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And we find out, in the end, that he was one of the greatest traitors to President Trump.

After all, it was Pence who stacked #NeverTrumpers with the WH, and Pence who on January 6th declined to do the right thing for 75+ million people.

He’s nothing but a flunky GOP establishment to help shore up the “establishment” vote, and that’s probably one of the reasons President Trump selected him.

He came in a globalist and left a globist, and I think he was there to undermine President Trump from the very close and pesonal inside. But Pence was never America First.

That mild-mannered “Andy Griffith” “aww shucks” character is a bunch of hooey.

And Mike has done his utmost to distance himself from President Trump because a lot of the Pence traitor stuff has come out, and we all know that Pence is not distancing himself because President Trump is unpopular-he is insanely famous.

He’s probably doing it because he knows that he’s been dismissed as a backstabbing spy, and he’s afraid of meeting President Trump.

And the new weasel move by Mike seems to back the theory up.

It seems that Mike Pence is forgoing the invitation to participate in CPAC, presumably because President Trump is going to be there.

Here’s what the tweet says: “NEW-Former VP Mike Pence refused an invitation to participate in the CPAC this year.” (Fox News)’ Trump is expected to talk’


What a worm this man is, and even more ridiculous, he really thinks he’s got a chance in 2024 to be president…

And perhaps crazier, by “distancing” from President Trump, he feels he can do it.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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